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Dear U3A cyclist. 

Below you will find a draft design for our proposed jersey.  Although we cannot consult on every detail of the design we do want to seek appropriate input from the road group. The draft design is shown in three colours.  Final shades of the design will be arrived at through working with the manufacturer so dont take these as absolute at this stage.  We do need to narrow down the selection so we are inviting everyone to express their preference by way of a poll. 

There may be an opportunity to consult with you again after further discussions with jersey supplier/sponsors (in which case the same caveat as above will apply – ‘you can only please some of the people, some of the time’. At this stage we cannot provide any detailed information on number, size or placement of any sponsor’s logo’s.

Based on your feedback at coffee stops the poll will be based on a first past the post system (with an executive decision in the event of a tie).     

To cast your vote in the poll send an email to with your colour choice.  So we can move quickly to the next steps the poll will close on 05 th March. 

If, at this stage, you know that you will definitely NOT want a customised U3A jersey as part of this project then it would be useful if you could also include that information in your email. 

Alternatively if you know that you definately ARE also interested in a pair of 'U3A' bibshorts as well (as per the financial principles discussed at the coffeestop, but not yet designed) then please also make that clear in your reply and we will take that into account as the project proceeds.

Mike, Jean and Dominic